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Dangerous ‘superbugs’
A scientific study published in the May 2019 issue of Acta Scientific Microbiology – among multiple others – reported the shocking discovery that duplicate samples of chicken meat (as also eggs) collected from 12 different locations in Mumbai were significantly contaminated with multi-drug resistant bacteria (Salmonella species, in particular). Furthermore, such resistance encompassed 12 major antibiotics that continue to be routinely used to treat human infections, the world over. 90% of the bacterial isolates showed resistance to azithromycin, nitrofurantoin, erythromycin, and trimethoprim and more than 60% of the samples were resistant to gentamicin, amoxicillin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol, indicating a serious threat to human life. One bacterial isolate was instead resistant to all 12 antibiotics!!

The most alarming aspect of these studies was underscored by the resistance to erythromycin and azithromycin, since they are both listed as critically important antibiotics under the highest priority, by the World Health Organization (WHO). Bacteria of this kind that contaminate commonly consumed raw foods are classified as ‘superbugs’, if they are found to be resistant to at least 3 different classes of antibiotics. They constitute a very serious health hazard since their infection can consequently be very difficult to treat in timely fashion.


This shocking situation is not going to change any time soon
The primary reason that Indian poultry farms use these human antibiotics on chickens and farm animals is to protect them from disease and to make them grow faster. Food service providers in India that supply meat and poultry to well-known chains like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Dominos have been repeatedly found to use growth promoting agents like Colistin and Neftin-T (including the antibiotic Tylosin). These chemicals are available without a prescription, with open claims of improving weight gain and feed conversion rates in animals. Their unregulated, excessive or improper use however leads to the breeding and spreading of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Growth-promoting antibiotics that are currently banned in the US and Europe continue to be used rampantly (and sometimes illegally) in India and the resultant propagation of superbugs has been reported time and again by the popular media, to be occurring at a very rapid pace.


Contamination found across India
Independent studies have reported similar findings from multiple other Indian cities / states, encompassing mutton and fish alike. Indeed, a 2017 Centre for Science and Environment report most strikingly revealed a high level of multi-drug resistance in 100% of E. coli, 92% of Klebsiella pneumoniae and 78% of Staphylococcus lentus bacteria in poultry farms around UP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. This study was carried out against 16 different antibiotics, of which ten were considered ‘critically important’ for humans by the WHO (including penicillin and fluoroquinolones).


The urgent need for NanoCleanse
Can you really afford to endanger the lives of your loved ones by continuing to use meat and poultry that may be contaminated with drug-resistant superbugs? Especially in this worrisome day and age of worldwide pandemics??
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