NanoCleanse, a revolutionary Vegetable & Fruit Wash, kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria – like E. Coli & Salmonella – that are commonly linked with food-borne illness, and also eliminates 98% of toxic pesticide residues, dirt, waxes and oils. This innovative product has been designed to more thoroughly clean whole, cut, chopped, sliced or other processed produce, than mere water washes alone. NanoCleanse consists of 100% Food Grade Ingredients and is completely safe to use, unlike chlorine and other harsh chemicals. It is also easily rinsed away, leaving no residue, aftertaste or smell of its own…..just the wholesome taste and nutrition that Mother Nature meant for you to enjoy!

The whole notion of healthy food is undergoing a fundamental transformation in this day and age of global pandemics. Serving fresh produce in restaurants & other commercial establishments, canteens catering to diverse workplaces, schools / colleges or hospitals is now more challenging than ever before. Produce has to be maximally washed and cleaned before it is served to your customers. Even a single case of food contamination among your patrons is one too many in such uncertain times and can spell disaster for all your business undertakings.

For more information on this revolutionary product, including Material Safety Data Sheets, analytical reports on its overall efficacy, please visit Lab Reports