Vegetables and fruits are routinely contaminated with harmful pesticides and other chemicals before they reach the final consumers. Washing with water alone is simply NOT ENOUGH when you want the wholesome benefits of fresh produce.

Did you know that some of these chemicals can also significantly compromise your immunity and cause respiratory distress? A very serious concern indeed, in this day and age of worldwide pandemics!!

What are you doing to safeguard the health of your children and your family? You need something that purifies fruits and vegetables quickly, effectively, safely and yet retains their core nutritional value, free from all unwanted surface contamination. You need to switch to NanoCleanse!

NanoCleanse is made from 100% Food Grade Ingredients to instantly remove harmful contaminants & toxic impurities from the surfaces of vegetables and fruits, making them much safer to eat.

Food service operators, consumers, agri processors, and even government regulators have repeatedly raised eyebrows on the persistent chemical contamination on commonly sold food items. Responding to these valid concerns, we offer the best solution – ‘NanoCleanse’.

NanoCleanse Benefits at a Glance

How to use NanoCleanse ?


10ml of NanoCleanse in 1 litre water to make the solution.


Soak produce in NanoCleanse solution for 3 minutes. Rub or swirl around, as needed.


Rinse under running water.

NanoCleanse Variants