Naam hai "NanoCleanse"!! Kaam: Desh ki ‘Nano’tandurusti!!!!

February 09, 2015

Naam hai "NanoCleanse"!! Kaam: Desh ki ‘Nano’tandurusti!!!!

Naam hai ‘NanoCleanse’!! Kaam: Desh ki ‘Nano’tandurusti!!!!

All of us understand and appreciate the truism that ‘Health is wealth’ and by extension, the overarching importance of preparing our meals with well-washed, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables on the one hand or contaminant-free meat and poultry on the other. Popular TV programs like ‘Satyameva Jayate’ that seek to raise our overall awareness have also repeatedly drawn our attention to the alarming misuse of pesticides and insecticides in our country and the insidious roles that their residual content can play in propagating a wide variety of chronic ailments [See (and), for example].

Despite which, most of us continue to just superficially rinse our fruits and vegetables or meat and poultry, before cooking. If excess pesticides and insecticides were that easily eliminated, surely they would fail to withstand the torrential monsoon rains, year after year? The relatively more health-conscious among us are well aware that mere washing with water only serves to remove surface dirt, while doing little to extract deep-penetrating residual chemical content. In the disconcerting absence of affordable, easily applicable, dependable alternatives however, we continue to helplessly tolerate and suffer this vexing problem.

Not anymore!! NanoCleanse is a highly innovative, eco-friendly, nano

The fundamental relevance of this product is perhaps best underscored by a widely-publicized study conducted by the Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture & Centre for Science & Environment, India.

A cursory look at the data reproduced thereof, makes it sufficiently clear that pesticides such as Endrin, Chlordane, and Heptachlor – which can variously lead to kidney damage, neurological problems, and skin diseases – are used in dangerously prohibitive levels by Indian farmers. Generally speaking, India uses 750 times more pesticides when compared with European counterparts, as attested through a study conducted by the Delhi-based NGO, Consumer Voice [].

A parallel study carried out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the U.S. also offers an instructive shopper’s guide to pesticide use at large:

12 Highly Contaminated produce:
Strawberries - Peaches - Lettuce - Pears
Cherries - Apples - Spinach - Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes - Nectarines - Potatoes - Celery

12 Least Contaminated produce:
Sweet Corn - Onions - Mangoes - Cabbage
Asparagus - Broccoli - Kiwi - Avocados
Sweet Peas - Eggplant - Bananas - Pineapples

While these EWG statistics seem to suggest that it is wise to eat fruits and vegetables that are least contaminated, most of the items listed in the category of highly contaminated food are also the nutritionally most important!!

NanoCleanse offers the perfect solution to confront this widespread menace by judiciously invoking the use of ‘smart nanoparticles’. It is further, 100% natural, completely safe, very affordable and easy to use. All one needs to do is to dissolve a mere capful (10 ml) of the NanoCleanse solution in 1 litre of water towards purifying as much as 1 kg of fruits or vegetables, followed by soaking / swirling for just 3 minutes and briefly rinsing under running water.

Lifebuoy soap no doubt, richly deserves the ‘Shamitabh’-endorsed tag of ensuring our external ‘desh ki tandurusti’. But when it comes to safeguarding our collective, internal long-term health, NanoCleanse quite simply has no competitive parallel on the contemporary Indian consumer landscape – either with respect to the way it powerfully leverages nanotechnology or in terms of its convenient affordability**.

Need we say more? Have you NanoCleanse-ed your vegetables, fruits, meat & poultry today?? Isn’t it high time you did???

**The extended suite of nanotech healthcare products designed by Prakruthik Healthcare Private Limited (PHCPL: further illustrates this associated mission of our company.

technology-based product specifically designed to address this urgent need and revolutionize the entire framework of healthy eating.