How Should You Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

January 19, 2015

How Should You Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

How Should You Wash Fruits and Vegetables?

It is crucial to thoroughly clean and wash all fruits and vegetables before eating to ensure that they are safe to eat.Many of us are aware of the importance of cleaning meat properly, but we fail to understand that food poisoning from vegetables can also be dangerous.

"It's certainly a wrong belief that a little bit of dirt will not do much harm," states Dr Andrew Wadge, who is a renowned scientist at Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Soil,from which we get most of our produce may also carry dangerous bacteria, and though all that is produced is cleaned before it is supplied to the market, yet the risk cannot be entirely eliminated.

Those risks were noticed in the year 2011 during the E. coli outbreak in the UK. Surveys have proved that soil stuck potatoes and other vegetables have been the main reason behind the outbreak.

These statistics does raise quite some eyebrows indeed!! So the question here is - “How are we supposed to wash fruits and vegetables?

Understanding the importance of healthy eating, a number of people have switched to vegetable and fruit cleaners that are available in the market.

Washing vegetables & fruits with NanoCleanse will help remove bacteria up to 99%. Apart from this, it’s a myth that washing vegetables under running water will remove all the harmful chemicals and bacteria. Those day are far gone. Today, to get rid of all the contamination we have to use something more authentic and NanoCleanse is the best solution.

Not to forget that washing loose produce like leafy vegetables needs extra care. All one needs to do is soak such produce in NanoCleanse solution for about 3 minutes and then rinse it with normal water. This guarantees that the produce is clean and ready to cook.

Ensure that all the fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed before consumption. One needs to be extra cautious if they have kids and infants at home. It’s better to take preventive measures right from the beginning rather than suffering later.

Did you wash your Vegetables & Fruits with NanoCleanse today?