Are You Eating Healthy?

January 29, 2015

Are You Eating Healthy?

Are You Eating Healthy?

We all understand the importance of healthy eating and this commences with preparing our meals with clean and washed vegetables, fruits, meat & poultry. A number of people just rinse vegetables before cooking. However, did you ever pause and gave a thought about your family’s health? If pesticides were so easy to remove, then they would not be able to withstand the rain. Hence, mere washing with water will help remove the surface dirt, but harmful pesticide residue is bound to remain.

How bad can it get though? I still see Mom washing all the vegetables and fruits with plain water. I used to think that this was enough until I came across a study that was conducted by Alliance for Sustainable & Holistic Agriculture & Centre for Science & Environment, India.


Farmers make use of pesticides such as endrin, chlordane, and heptachlor, which may lead to kidney damage, neurological problems, and skin diseases. A study conducted by Delhi-based NGO, states that India uses 750 times more pesticides when compared to European countries.

Another study I came across was by Environmental Working Group U.S. They came out with a shopper’s guide to pesticides which gave the following results –

12 Highly Contaminated produce:
Strawberries - Peaches - Lettuce - Pears
Cherries - Apples - Spinach - Bell Peppers
Imported Grapes - Nectarines - Potatoes - Celery

12 Least Contaminated produce:
Sweet Corn - Onions - Mangoes - Cabbage
Asparagus - Broccoli - Kiwi - Avocados
Sweet Peas - Eggplant - Bananas - Pineapples

As per the above list, the Environmental Working Group statistics suggest that it is wise to eat fruits and vegetables that are least contaminated. However, if you notice, most of the ones which are listed in the category of highly contaminated food also offer a good amount of nutrients to the human body. Hence, keep eating all fruits and vegetables, but ensure to clean them properly before eating.

A number of people are under an assumption that rinsing produce for a number of times with water alone will make it free from all the harmful chemicals. However, this is not sufficient.

I have been using a product by name NanoCleanse since quite some time and I must say that I am pretty satisfied. All I need to do is to take a cap full (10 ml) of NanoCleanse in 1 litre water for about 1 kg of vegetable and soak them for 3 minutes. Rub well all rubbable vegetables, fruits, meat & poultry, and swirl around the non-rubbable ones. After this, all that one needs to do is just rinse under running water.

Nano Cleanse is 100% natural, safe, easy to use, dependable, affordable and above all, the best product to secure the health of my family!!

Did you wash your vegetables, fruits, meat & poultry with NanoCleanse today?